The Hellma Whistleblower System

Compliance with legal requirements, internal rules and the principles of conduct is a top priority at Hellma.

Fundamental principles and measures of acting with integrity are laid down in our Code of Conduct. These are an essential part of our corporate philosophy and serve as an important orientation and protection for Hellma, our employees and our business partners.

"For us, effective compliance management means adhering to all legal and self-defined obligations. It guides our daily decisions. Trust, honesty, fairness and transparency form the key principles of our Code of Conduct and are the cornerstones of our sustainable success."

Lutz Mayer
CEO / Managing Partner
Hellma GmbH & Co.KG

The Hellma whistleblower system handles reports of rule violations, because we can only prevent damage to our company, our stakeholders and the environment if rules and standards are adhered to. To fulfill this responsibility, it is important that Hellma is informed immediately of compliance-relevant misconduct. For this purpose, we have created various communication channels through which information can be reported independently and confidentially.

What is a report?

Reports are the communication of information on violations of laws or applicable rules that may result in (reputational) damage, fines or penalties. Impacts are to be counteracted by giving the possibility of submitting information on actual, potential or attempted violations.

These might include

→ actual, i.e. already committed and occurred violations

→ potential, probable committed violations

→ attempts to conceal violations

What information should be reported?

Information about violations of laws, applicable regulations and the company's internal guidelines should be reported if it is associated with a high risk potential for the company, company employees, suppliers, customers and the environment.

What is the correct way of reporting?

If a presumed violation is to be reported, it must be ensured that the content of the report can also be understood by a non-specialist (e.g. ombudsperson).

Where did the incident happen?

What happened?
What are the exact facts?
What is the main focus of the report?

Who is involved in the incident (e.g. persons, departments and/or business partners) and who has already been informed about it?

At what time and how often did the misconduct already occur?


How do we process your report?

After you have submitted your report, you will receive a confirmation of receipt. Your report to the Hellma whistleblower system will now be thoroughly checked. If we require further information, we will contact you. Therefore, please provide us with a contact option, even if you have submitted an anonymous report. Only if the initial fact-finding reveals a suspicion of a violation will an investigation into a legal violation be initiated. Subsequently, the results of the investigation will be evaluated, and appropriate measures will be initiated.

How is your anonymity protected?

You can also make a report without providing personal data. You can do this by suppressing your telephone number when using our internal reporting channel or by using an e-mail address that cannot be assigned to your person.

If you disclose your name to our internal reporting office as part of the report, you also have the option of informing them that you wish to remain anonymous. Your name will not be disclosed to our organization. In return, however, our internal reporting office can use your data for further direct contact, e.g. for queries or status reports.

How is false reporting handled?

If you deliberately make false reports in order to harm or disparage employees or business partners, this can have consequences under employment law and criminal law. Therefore, report potential rule violations that you believe to be true to the best of your knowledge.

The following reporting channels are available

The contact data published below is considered an "internal reporting channel" and is processed by an independent body. This way, the confidentiality of your request can be maintained.

You can contact Hellma's whistleblower system via the following e-mail address: whistleblowing.hellma@ddsk.de

By phone
You can, of course, contact us by phone as well under: +49  (0) 7542 949 21 00 90
(availability: Mon-Fri 09:00 to 17:00 CET)

By mail
Mailing address:
Dr.-Klein-Straße 29
88069 Tettnang

External reporting channels
In addition to Hellma's contact points and reporting channels, external reporting channels are also available to employees and external whistleblowers. Further information can be found here.

For further information on the processing of personal data, please click here.

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